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Music Inspired Landscape Art, Pop Art, Nature Prints And Photography

L.D. Collingridge Art

Music Inspired Landscape Art, Pop Art, Nature Prints And Photography



Hello and welcome to my art website. My name is L.D. Collingridge and I specialize in music inspired landscape art, Pop Art, nature photography and prints. 

I am an artist with many years experience, having trained at Art College and University to degree level, studying a full range of art disciplines from Fine Art and Illustration, through to Textile Design specialising in drawing and print. All of which have fed my artistic knowledge, experience and creativity and now provide my canvas with my own unique style of working.

My main passions in life are art and music. I'm originally from Lytham St. Annes next to Blackpool, Lancs and grew up in a musical family where my dad was always playing the guitar, with a nice vinyl collection and was always playing music born from the 1960's and 1970's. As soon as I could pick up a pencil and crayon I pretty much knew that I wanted to paint and scribbling away whilst listening to music was where it was at for me.

I studied art and design throughout college in Blackpool but adored Manchester and the music scene there and moved as soon as I could to soak up as many gigs as possible and study Textile Design. I moved to Salford during my degree, lived there for many years and both Salford and Manchester became my second home. During my degree there we did a project to paint some of the local landscapes and it all started from there really. I enjoyed the City so much and loved painting the landscape so I've continued ever since. I also enjoy painting seascapes based around my hometown. 

The titles I choose for my paintings are mostly taken from a song that holds a particular meaning, feeling and memory within the composition, which is personal to me and always poignant in some way, whether it be at the time or retrospectively. Music is life and creates memories of times and places throughout the years, so for me the two go hand in hand. Some examples of my work titles and inspiration for landscape are as follows; 'Shakey Harvest' is named after a song by a new band called 'Hippy', which I love and the song is quite a dark yet beautiful take on the realities of life. 'Dead End Street' is named after a Kinks song which is self explanatory I suppose, 'Isn't It A Pity' is a George Harrison song, again based around the tragic yet beautiful nature of humanity and 'English Elegance' is a song by Joe T Johnson who sings tales of a broken Britain and what it's like for people like him, you and me to grow up and live in towns and cities like these. It's a working class view on the landscape surround. The music and the art say it all.

Sunsets, sunrises, twilight, night, water and reflections set against man made structures are what I love to paint. I'm always trying to find the beauty in even the most deprived and poverty stricken of places and a lot of my landscapes have a dystopian and psychedelic feel to them, purely through my own experiences and imagination. Plus I'm a lover of Sci- Fi so I think that really feeds in to my work.

The inspiration for my work comes from various places, though my main inspirations are art and music. my love of music and the mod and phycadelic movement of the 1960's and 1970's feeds into my style quite vividly. Many a euphoric night, early morning and day have been spent in love and light on the coast and in the city with great music. This feeds my interpretation of the landscape surround. 

Some of my favourite artists are Monet, Whistler, Turner, Klimt and Lowry. Although from varying movements and styles I love the first four with how they play with imagination and impression, brush stroke, colour, light, reflection and weather against the man made. Lowry I just love the gritty realism and truth with how he painted Salford in his times. I suppose I like to combine a bit of both in my work.

For my landscape art I use various techniques and various mediums, which have been learnt over the years studying various disciplines. I adore using inks, watercolours and toothpicks to create reflective and colourful qualities. I also use a whole range of mixed media for my work incoporating all of my time studying textile printing and dying fabrics. I love to get messy with dyed fabrics in my home studio and using these pieces within my work to represent nature, textures and reflections. If it's not messy and challanging it's not fun! Surrounded by paints and brushes, dyes and fabrics to create a little peice of bliss. My bliss, my interpretation, my impression.

The music inspired Pop Art I create is a fairly new pursuit but again is inspired by by my love of the particular musician themselves and the song the piece is named after. I like to place the musician into the landscape art named after their work as at the time their music shared my head space and experience of the composition.

If you are interested in any of my work and have any inquiries at all please feel free to contact me via my contact page and email. Otherwise you can visit my online shop to purchase prints of my works on various products. Thank you for stopping by. 

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